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Film and Video (4 credits)


Hyper Aerion (Manikinz) (2015) .... Satya, Beyond Ascension Productions

Little Boy* (2011) .... Townsperson uncredited, Metanoia Films, Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, Director

Hindsight (2010/IV) .... Daughter
Robin Hood of the Bayous (2010) .... Prioress Mother Madeleine

Confrontation* (2001) .... Julie Morris, Alesius Pictures, Jim Owens, Director


Producer (1 Credit)


Hyper Aerion (Manikinz) (2015)


Writer (1 Credit)­


Hyper Aerion (Manikinz) (2015)


Internet (1 Credit)


The Ghost Town, Nintendo/Ron James, Director (2012) ... Self/Medium


*recipient of dove foundation award

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