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Midwestern born Deidre Madsen's interest in theatre and film began at a very young age when her mother took her to see Julie Andrews' "Mary Poppins." Her love for the characters' blend of musical and dramatic talent propelled her into a continual pursuit of the deeper message that actors and performers contribute to, and receive from, this fascinating art.

­Grade school plays, church and Youth Group plays and then onto High school plays and performances kept her interested and mentally expanded. Throughout high school she sang, often a capella, during church services as well as singing with the adult senior choir from eighth grade graduation for many years.

­On November 19, 1959, Deidre Madsen was born in St. Louis, Missouri at the famous St. Mary's Hospital. She came from a multi-talented family. Both her parents were Artists and Performers. Her Architect father, Larry, was also a local musician and played trombone for jazz bands. During college Larry was a professional dancer who also taught all forms of dance at the College. Deidre learned how to soft shoe at the age of four from her father. Her artistic mother, dianne, sang and loved to sing and whistle while Deidre was a young girl. Her active musical mother still sings in that same church choir.

 "Coming into Hollywood later in life gives me An unique perspective and maturity of self-realization through my healing practice." Deidre is first a healer and second an actor. She is the founder of an 18-year-old holistic Healing Imagery modality, Happily Inner After. The sports medicine industry has been utilizing Imagery techniques for several decades in order to maximize an athlete's greatest potential. Deidre has taken this form of imagery and applied it with a body/mind/spirit approach. She has achieved great success with her clients worldwide (20% of her base is psychiatry Industry professionals). "I took a time-honored and proven technique, and applied it as an "in-depth Holistic treatment". i utilize guided and lucid imagery and when coupled with my intuitive guidance and succor, my client receives subtle body support for maximum functionality in life. I am a bit Like Florence Nightingale meets Dr. Carl Jung."­

­Theatrical Performances and Impersonations

Our Town, Collinsville, IL
Flowers for Algernon, Collinsville, IL
Ten Little Indians – And Then There Were None, Collinsville, IL - Set and Lighting Crew
Comedy Improv Performances, St. Louis, MO 1993, 1995
St. Louis Mystery Company – Improv Actor 1993-1998
Impersonations: Marilyn Monroe 1993; Marlene Dietrich 1994; Andrews Sisters (Patty) 1996 - St. Louis, MO USO Shows
Member: International Thespian Society since 1977


Author "Happily Inner After" Balboa Press, 2015
Member: Writers Guild of America - West (WGA)


Vocal training with Patricia Shapiro 1985, St. Louis, MO
Various minor studio track vocal work, back-up vocals – St. Louis, MO 1982-1986
Musical Impersonations:
     - Marlene Dietrich “Lily Marlene” St. Louis USO Show 1994
     - Marilyn Monroe "happy Birthday Mr. President" St. Louis, MO 1994
     - Andrews Sisters (Patty) “Hold Tight”, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, “I Will Wait For You” 1996
Vocals: Back-up: “Penthouse” St. Louis Funk/Jazz band 1984; Studio: Ike Turner, Jr. 1984
Lead and back-up vocals for “Desire” – St. Louis Funk/Jazz group 1984


Runway for “Limited” clothing store 1992
Top Model - B&W Print, Casablanca, 1998


Heigh:  5’9”
Weight  125
Eyes:  Hazel, Blue/Gray
Hair:  Blond(E) (Shoulder Length)
Visual Category:  Wispy Blond
Age Range:  Performs ages 34-54
Ethnicity:  Caucasian, British, German, Italian, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Polish, Native American, Eastern European, Jewish
Vocal Styles:  Jazz, Portuguese Jazz, Blues, Pop, Funk, Country, Rock, Big Band, Christian­, Scat, Sacred Chants
Vocal Range:  Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Contralto, Alto, Tenor
Accents:  French, British, Midwest
Instruments:  Native American Flute
Athletics:  Martial Arts, Golf,| Horseback Riding
Dance:  Square, Line, Jazz, Disco, Club/Freestyle, Soft Shoe, Salsa, Native Tribal Dance

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